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My name is Mara. I am a Registered Dietitian, Food Stylist, Nutritional Scientist, Recipe Developer, Food Blogger, Photographer, Vegetable Ninja, and lover of everything lemon. Welcome to my creative space where I share healthy and inspired recipes of things I love to make and eat.

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My Journey:
Cooking is something that I find extremely therapeutic and creative. From a young age I was never able to follow a recipe. It's a disease. One without a cure. I blame my mother for this as she always used to change ingredients to decrease sugar. Now creating new recipes is one of my loves which is part of the reason I began blogging in the first place. It is the perfect place to chronical my kitchen endeavours.

I graduated with my M.Sc in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences and began blogging in 2011 (thanks to a bit of pushing from my father). Since then, I was fortunate enough to fall into the world of food styling through shadowing a stylist on the Marilyn Denis Show. We hit it off, and I began working part time as her assistant and stand in when she was busy. I now work for a variety of clients and could not ask for a more dynamic and exciting job!

I am currently working as a Registered Dietitian, but continue to food style on the side for a number of companies and clients. You can see some of these in my foodstyling tab.

My recipe style has evolved and is continuously changing. I strive to use fresh ingredients as well as natural sugars as much as possible. Currently I am on a whole grains and seeds kick, but you can generally find a bit of everything. I believe that eating is not only a way to fuel our bodies, but also our souls. Food is something that connects us and brings people together. There is a place for all foods in a healthy diet.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have! I hope you find something interesting to try as you browse my blog.

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