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Welcome to my office kitchen. My name is Mara and this is my blog.

Elemental Custard

While being raised in a health conscious household, I always loved sweets. I wasn't picky. My choices ranged from jello powder, to candy and chocolate to popsicles (which I often stashed in drawers- who knew that they had to be kept frozen?)

When I began cooking seriously I started off with sweets. I think the only things I made were desserts for a solid year. I like to think my tastes have matured since those early days and I have developed a love for cooking EVERYTHING!

Elemental Custard

Some Questions Answered:

What do you do?: I obtained my M.Sc in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Guelph. Currently I am continuing my studies to become a Registered Dietician, Completing my Culinary Arts Certificate at George Brown College, and working as a Freelance Food Stylist (you can read more about this here).

Why blogging?: I LOVE cooking, baking, reading, photographing and talking about food (I might be mildly obsessed). I am also an avid blog reader which led to the decision to create Elemental Custard in the Fall of 2011!

What Type of Food do you Make?: My style of cooking and baking is guided by using the healthiest ingredients possible without sacrificing flavour. I like to substitute and reduce "unhealthy" ingredients for ones that provide more of a nutritional benefit. AND I like my dishes to look great too. You eat first with your eyes after all!

Where do you get your recipes?: I love love love creating recipes! Normally I peruse the interwebz for inspiration and then put on my thinking cap and get formulating my own versions. Sometimes I post things based on other peoples recipes with my variations which I source but all my recipes that I post I have either changed and adapted based on my views OR I have created myself.

What is your Inspiration? As a pre-schooler my parents were good friends with a local baker who specialized in fancy cakes. While my father sat around Marilyn's kitchen and read the Globe, drank espresso, and chatted, I would roam wild, watching glorious cakes being created and sneak tastes of the ingredients, and generally keep tabs on quality control. I think those early years of hovering in Marilyn's kitchen left me with a subconscious inspiration to bake.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have! I hope you find something interesting to try as you browse my blog.

Bon Appetit!


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